David J. Rawson Jr. Memorial Lecture

The David Rawson Memorial Lecture honors the life of David Rawson, a member of the Tufts Class of 2007 whose life was tragically cut short in the summer after graduation. David graduated Cum Laude with a degree in International Relations. He participated in many programs in the Institute for Global Leadership and studied abroad in Hong Kong during the spring semester of his junior year. David was a talented tenor with the Tufts Chamber Singers for four years, acted in drama performances, and wrote for Tufts campus student publications. He was in the process of applying to the US Navy Officer Candidate School, intending to full aspirations of becoming a Naval Intelligence Officer.

Beyond these considerable accomplishments, David possessed a warmth, integrity, and selflessness that made him a truly beloved member of the campus community. He also embodied the leadership qualities ALLIES seeks to help inculcate: a commitment to public service and a desire to embrace complex questions of civil-military relations. We remember him with the creation of an annual lecture series in his honor.

Previous Lecturers include: Ambassador J. Stapleton Roy, Rear Admiral Eric McVadon, USN (Ret.), Mr. Zhiwen Tang, and Mr. David Helvey. 

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