Alumni Program

About this Program

As an alumni, what is your story?

How has your experience with IGL enriched your global perspective? Why can this increased awareness benefit others? How can you assist today’s inquisitive youth to grow into tomorrow’s innovators for holistic solutions?

As part of the IGL family, you dare to motivate others towards active global citizenship by example. Your empathetic and collaborative approach to today’s complex issues is a valuable asset, and the IGL needs your support as we mentor youth who, just like you, are passionate about acting as global citizens.

That is why we are excited to announce a forthcoming redesign of our website that will include a special section geared just for our alumni! The alumni dedicated section will serve as a clearinghouse of collaborative efforts from the IGL community. This gateway will be a generative tool that works towards supporting and inspiring the entire IGL community, creating a richer fabric of connectivity to meet the challenges of our diverse world.

Along with an updated look, we will investigate new media tools such as Twitter, Facebook and a blog that will allow you to participate and engage with other global citizens. As we embark on this design process, we invite your feedback and ideas. What would you like to see on the website? What technologies should we investigate? What types of content and media will you find appealing?

At this time I would like to extend a personal invitation for you to contact me with any ideas you may have. As a member of our IGL family, your input is valuable and necessary as we collaborate and adapt to meet the challenges of our persistently diverse world.