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EPIIC Alumni Endowment Fund

Dear EPIIC Alums,

Over the next year, EPIIC is celebrating twenty-five years of innovative teaching and learning that is still unparalleled on any other university campus. EPIIC continues to challenge students to think critically and explore global conundrums that have persisted in defying the efforts of policymakers, international organizations, companies, and nongovernmental organizations alike. The program has continued to expand the opportunities it offers students to engage these issues through on-site research and internships. This year, for example, students traveled to Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka as well as locations within the US. Now, more than ever, the opportunities offered by the EPIIC program, and the skills it hones, are desperately needed by our young leaders.

As an interdisciplinary program in the Office of the Provost, EPIIC and the Institute for Global Leadership have been embraced by Tufts as a signature, cross-school program. EPIIC has always served as an incubator of innovative ways to help students understand and engage difficult and compelling global issues and, it will therefore come as no surprise to any of you, that EPIIC is widely recognized to advance the University’s stated objective of enhancing the interdisciplinary quality and engaging nature of a Tufts education.

As part of our 25th Anniversary celebration, we are working to endow the EPIIC Colloquium to ensure its future as a signature Tufts program. We hope to make this milestone even more significant by engaging all of EPIIC’s alumni in endowing the colloquium for the next generation. With the Bendetson Family having completed its endowment of the EPIIC annual symposium, our goal now is to endow the colloquium. As part of the celebration, a range of programs will take place throughout the next year, culminating in a gala dinner and dance (during the EPIIC symposium) on February 26, 2011.

Mark your calendars now. We have an ambitious goal: $1 million to generate $50,000 annually. However, with more than 800 alumni -- each of who has been personally enriched by this program -- we think it is more than attainable.

Your class captains will provide you with the password to access the endowment tracking pages. We know that you understand the value of EPIIC and the unique opportunities that it affords participants. We want to ensure that future generations have access to this opportunity. 


Ramin Arani (EPIIC’91)

Jennifer (Hooper) Selendy (EPIIC’90)

Matan Chorev (EPIIC’04) Co-Chairs, EPIIC Alumni Endowment Drive


 EPIIC Endowment Challenge


Jennifer (Hooper) Selendy, EPIIC Alumna ('90) and Co-Chair of the EPIIC Alumni Endowment Drive, offers a $100,000 matching pledge toward the EPIIC Colloquium Endowment and speaks to the importance that EPIIC has played in her life. The video was shown at EPIIC's 25th Anniversary Gala on February 26, 2011

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