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  • IGL News|October 25, 2012

    Teny Gross, founder of the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence, exudes passion. As a crusader for nonviolence, Teny and his streetworkers are igniting peace in urban Providence. Never shying away from the hard truths about the violence epidemic worldwide, Teny inspires hope while pulling on your heartstrings.

  • IGL News|September 21, 2012

    Addressing Iron Deficiency in India

    "Two years ago, I didn't really know anything about nutrition, and certainly not iron deficiency," admits Matt Edmundson (A’05, EPIIC’04, Exposure’05, NIMEP’05). "I was shocked to learn that the WHO considers it a public health condition of epidemic proportions, one that especially harms pregnant women and their children."

    Edmundson and Jennifer Tsai, his business partner, met...

  • IGL News|September 21, 2012

    Reshaping the Environmental Policy Debate

    In the fall of 1991, political science major and then sophomore Kate Konschnik (A’94) enrolled in EPIIC, that year on “International Security: The Environmental Dimension.”  Little did she know that her decision to participate in this “intellectual boot camp” would lead her to pursue a career in environmental law and policy. 

    Konschnik, a graduate of Hastings College of...

  • IGL News|July 11, 2012
    Ballplayer: Pelotero, produced by two IGL alums, opens nationwide on Friday, July 13.
    Trevor Martin:
    Ballplayer: Pelotero director Trevor Martin graduated from Tufts University in 2008 with a degree in International Relations.  His interest in documentaries can be traced back to his freshman year at Tufts, when he and fellow Tufts alumni Julian Roberts ('08)...
  • IGL News|July 11, 2012

    IGL Alums, Hussainatu Blake and Hassanatu Blake, were honored by the White House Champions of Change. The White House honors individuals who were nominated through the White House website by friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers as Champions of Change. These Champions were selected from a pool of more than 1500 candidates for the positive impact they are making in their communities and the communities they serve. See their profiles here...

  • IGL News|May 31, 2012

    IGL Alumna, Kate Konschnik, Chief Environmental Counsel to U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), will join Harvard Law School on Aug. 1 as Policy Director for the Environmental Law and Policy Program.

  • Program News|February 9, 2012

    Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012: ‘Zahra’s Paradise’ is the new graphic novel by an Iranian-American author. He tells host Marco Werman how he created a webstrip based on the images streaming out of the Iranian protests in 2009. Listen to the full story at

    More info at ...

  • IGL News|January 4, 2012

    Video of IGL Alumni, Teny Oded Gross, Executive Director of the Institute for the Study & Practice of Nonviolence Providence, RI


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    IGL News|November 8, 2010

    On October 18th, 2010, Teny Gross, an EPIIC alumnus and graduate of Tufts University and the Harvard Divinity School, celebrated the opening of a new home for the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence, a Providence based organization whose mission is to "teach, by word and example, the principles and practices of nonviolence, and to foster a community that addresses potentially...

  • Daniel_Enking-BLOG.jpg
    Program News|August 30, 2010

    Follow the blog of alumni Daniel Enking ['10] as he travels through Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing experiencing a new stage of post graduation life:

    Big Bull in a China Shop