ALLIES JRP 2008 recommendations

IGL News | Posted Oct 31, 2008

NEXUS | The IGL Newsletter | Fall 2008

The Joint Research Project is a program of the Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and the Services (ALLIES). ALLIES is an undergraduate led initiative at the Institute for Global Leadership that creates a bridge for shared understanding between future civilian and military leaders.

The Joint Research Project (JRP) is an annual program that will bring together future civilian and military leaders from the United States in a semester-long venture targeted at two specific needs:

  • The need for a new, integrated style of education for future military and civilian leaders, in which both sides are exposed to all perspectives of conflict management and engage with all dimensions of human security.
  • The need for future military and civilian leaders to fully understand the far-reaching impacts of US foreign policy decisions at the ground level.

Eleven students from Tufts University, The Fletcher School, the US Military Academy and the US Naval Academy conducted research in Amman, Jordan, from 1-28 June 2008. Participants worked in three groups to explore specific issues within the broader research focus: Jordanian-US security cooperation, the impact of the Iraq war on Jordan’s political reform process, and refugees in Jordanian society. Students met with actors from multiple sectors of Jordanian society, including the United Nations Mission to Iraq, the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan, and the USAID Jordan Mission. Participants conducted formal and informal interviews, organizational site visits, and dialogue sessions.

The research in this policy recommendation was conducted in June 2008 and published in October 2008 with the support of the Compton Foundation.

The policy recommendations in this publication were written by:
Alex J. Burtness, USNA 2010
Tim Fitzsimons, Tufts 2010
Mia Hencinski, USNA 2010
Nancy Henry, Tufts 2009
Piyali Kundu, Tufts 2010
Chas Morrison, Tufts 2011
Margaret O’Connor, Tufts 2010
Ivette Tarrida, Fletcher 2009
Alexandra Taylor, Tufts 2009
Zachary Tedoff, USMA 2009
Sally White, USMA 2009

Read the full document in PDF format (jrp_recommendations.pdf 180k)

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