Student On-Site Research Travel Grants

Francisco Galán, spokesperson and negotiator for the ELN Guerilla Group in Colombia; Adam Levy (Tufts 2008): Ana Guadalupe Martínez, former President of the El Salvadoran Senate and former FMLN leader in El Salvador; Wendy Luers, Co-Chair, Project on Just

Both the fellowships and the seminars are designed to facilitate direct student engagement in real life situations relating to post war conflict management and diplomacy. Through the ACCESS Student Travel Grant Program, students are given funds to support their field research, internships, or involvement in programming related to international diplomacy and conflict management.

In the past three years, PJTT and IGL have engaged over 50 students in their joint projects. This support has included travel to countries as varied as Colombia, Guatemala, Kosovo, the Philippines, Spain, and Sri Lanka. It has also entailed participation at high-level meetings of the Club of Madrid, PJTT, and the Clinton Global Initiative among others.

Through ACCESS, the IGL and PJTT provide unparalleled opportunities for students and senior international leaders to interact and collaborate on high profile foreign policy challenges. This initiative uniquely provides the ability for mentoring, research and interaction, and creating a new and innovative model for experiential learning.


“My early involvement as a student of the Institute for Global Leadership was the launching point of my academic and professional career as it kindled the motivation that brought me into contact with engaging mentors such as those in PJTT’s network....These experiences have lifted the curtains on the complex processes behind peace agreements, negotiations and facilitating change in complicated conflict settings. Throughout my various experiences with PJTT, as both an undergraduate of Institute for Global Leadership and now a young professional with the organization, I have come to appreciate the pivotal role of dedicated individuals in shaping history, despite the strong presence of global institutions and well-intended foreign policy....Thanks to the Project’s global reach, I have worked with and learned from experienced politicians and negotiators who I admire and seek to emulate as I establish my career in international negotiation and diplomacy.

                        --Adam Levy, IGL/Tufts 2008


“In traveling with Tim Phillips and PJTT I learned early in my college career how to work with senior politicians. By having the opportunity to attend a Club of Madrid meeting in Spain, I interacted with heads of state and learned how to conduct myself in that environment. I was able to leverage the experience that I built working alongside with senior level Kosovar politicians and members of the international community during another PJTT program. I additionally have obtained placements with the State Department, NATO, and even a Fulbright Scholarship through my associations with PJTT. Those experiences have stayed with me even today as I enter into other fields of work.”

          --Ben Harburg,, IGL/Tufts 2006