Empower Program for Social Entrepreneurship

About this Program

The Empower Program for Social Entrepreneurship educates, mentors, guides and motivates aspiring social entrepreneurs. Empower is a program for Tufts University undergraduate and graduate students to engage in practical, experiential learning for social entrepreneurship.

We help students develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge necessary to pursue entrepreneurial ventures with a social perspective — with a particular focus on poverty alleviation.

Through the Empower Fellowship , our students can create social ventures, participate in internships and engage in applied research projects of their own design.

The program also sponsors events, lectures and workshops that promote and shape discourse on social entrepreneurship. Through our alumni network we aim at forming a mentorship system for the advancement of aspiring social entrepreneurs at Tufts.

Empower is also the best information source for all activities related to social entrepreneurship in the Greater Boston Area. Feel free to take a tour of our website, become our Fan on Facebook , follow us on Twitter or send us an e-mail for more information.

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