Global Research Projects, Internships, and Conferences


EPIIC Delegations

Over the years, EPIIC has sent a number of student delegations to conferences as presenters and participants.

In 2002, students from EPIIC's "Global Inequities" year successfully organized to have the Institute recognized as an educational NGO with the United Nations. They went to Johannesburg, South Africa to participate in the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Rio+10). Here is a brief summary of their achievements and accomplishments.

In 1999, seven EPIIC students participated in "The Global Meeting of Generations: Vision and Action for Equitable Development in the 21st Century," the bi-annual forum of the International Development Conference.

EPIIC's 1996 CD-Rom project -- Beyond Intolerance: Reconciliation and Reconstruction in Beirut, Belfast, Jerusalem, and Sarajevo, from the "Religion, Politics, and Society" theme, was presented at the United Nations Human Settlements Conference in Istanbul in June 1996 by five EPIIC students.

In 1994, two EPIIC students attended the Stockholm Roundtable to present their research at the PrepCom for the United Nations "World Summit for Social Development." They were the only undergraduates presenting at this invitation-only United Nations Development Study Programme forum, which was attended by 160 distinguished international scholars and officials.

In 1993, 12 of EPIIC's students gave presentations on "What Do Young People Think about International Development Cooperation?" at the annual meeting of executive directors of non-governmental organizations accredited to the United Nations in New York. It was chaired by Dr. Uner Kirdar, the director of the Development Study Programme at the United Nations Development Programme.

In 1992, at the invitation of Noel Brown, Regional Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, EPIIC sent five students to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The students presented their original video on environmental security at the Global Forum '92, the gathering of non-governmental organizations.