Past Simulation Information

The debate continues in between committee and delegation meetings

2008 Poverty and Inequality in Latin America

2007 Global Crises

2006 The Politics of Fear in Asia

2005 The World's Oceans: Security, Economics, and Environment

2004 The United States' Role in the Middle East

2003 African Sovereignty, African Perspectives

2002 Inequities Within the Americas

2001 The 2001 Global Race and Class Policy Initiative

2000 From Greece to Globalism: The Future of the International Olympic Movement

1999 The Convention on Crime and Corruption in Europe and the Soviet Successor States

1998 EXODUS and EXILE: Refugees, Migration, and Global Security

1997 The Future of Democracy in Latin America

1996 Religion, Politics and Society in North Africa

1995 The Future of the Asia-Pacific Region

1994 Negotiations on the Future of the Former Yugoslavia

1993 Regional Economic Development and Cooperation in a Post-Apartheid Southern Africa

1992 Water Politics in the Middle East