Institute Scholars and Practitioners in Residence (INSPIRE)


James S. Henry, 2008/2009 Inspire FellowJames S. Henry IGL INSPIRE & Murrow Fellow, James S. Henry is the author of The Blood Bankers: Tales from the Global Underground Economy as well as numerous artcles in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Nation, The New Republic, The Washington Post, Harpers, The Washington Monthly, Fortune, Business Week, Newsweek, and Time. He is the former Chief Economist at McKinsey & Company; Co‐Chair, The Tax Justice Network (US); and founder of both the Sag Harbor Group ( and Submerging Markets (



James S. Henry, 2008/2009 Inspire Fellow

EXP-0060-S The Global Financial Crisis: A Seminar in Investigative Economics

This course will immerse students in the theory and practice of "Investigative Economics." We will use the continuing global financial crisis as an opportunity for students to assess the importance of key technical factors responsible for the crisis, develop a critical perspective on the long‐term structural and ideological factors underlying these "surface" influences and the roots of financial crises, and apply investigative economics tools and methods to test hypotheses about these factors.