New Initiative for Middle East Peace (NIMEP)

About this Program

NIMEP is a non-polemical student think-tank and outreach initiative aimed at finding progressive solutions to the historic conflicts in the Middle East. NIMEP provides a forum for productive dialogue, scholarship, and exploration of the region. This initiative is committed to contributing to future leadership and to inspiring others to realize the powerful results such a model of thinking and action can produce.

In 2005, NIMEP published the first edition of its journal, NIMEP Insights. The journal featured student research papers from NIMEP trips to Israel and the West Bank and to Egypt, as well as the IGL's 2004 trip to Iran. Student research from NIMEP's most recent trip to Tunisia will be highlight in the next issue of Insights, slated for publication in Fall 2012.

NIMEP also initiated and continues to help teach the Soliya course, now offered through the Political Science Department. Soliya is a web-based videoconferencing course, in which small groups of university students from the US and predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East engage in intensive dialogue about the relationship between the US and the Arab and Muslim World.

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