Research and Engagement Supporting Poverty Elimination in Haiti (RESPE)

History of RESPE

 For the past 25 years the Institue for Global Leadership has been running a year-long colloquim on pressing global issues. The program is called the Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship, better known as EPIIC.

Two years ago the topic of the colloqium was Poverty and Inequality. A group of students from that year’s EPIIC class traveled to Balan over winter break in order to learn more about development issues in the region. Out of their research and contacts RESPE: Balan and RESPE: Boston was born.

Over the past two years we have been continuing the tradition of joint research with the members of RESPE: Balan. We have conducted research with the help of the community of Balan on issues ranging from gender issues to education, and most recently maternal health. All of our research topics have been identified by the community.