Money, Munitions, and Markets: The Perpetuation of Conflict

Audio Files | Posted Mar 9, 2012
Program: EPIIC (Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship)

Saturday, February 25

Money, Munitions, and Markets: The Perpetuation of Conflict, 10:00am
Cabot Auditorium   

Mark Baillie, King's College, London, War Studies Dept.; Consultant, AKE Ltd

Jack Blum, Attorney, specializing in issues of money laundering, financial crime, and international tax evasion; former Investigator, US Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Angelica Duran Martinez, PhD Candidate, Brown University; Co-author, "Does illegality breed violence?: Drug trafficking and state-sponsored protection rackets"

Andrew Feinstein, Author, The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade; Founding Director, Corruption Watch*

Andrew Kain, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, AKE; former Member and Instructor, Special Air Service Regiment, United Kingdom

Peter Rosenblum, Clinical Professor, Human Rights Law, Columbia Law School

Dick Simon, Co-founder, Peace Action Network, Young Presidents’ Organization; Chair, Presidents Action Network Chapter, World Presidents’ Organization (WPO)

Angela Lyonsjustus, EPIIC Colloquium Member