NEXUS | The IGL Newsletter | Fall 2012

Newsletters | Posted Oct 1, 2012

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EPIIC Launches Global Health and Security Year --- EPIIC launched its Global Health and Security year on September 4, with more than 100 students attending the orientation session.  Ultimately, the class enrolled 53 students, from freshman to seniors, with majors ranging from International Relations and Community Health to Computer Science and Biochemistry. more>>

Tufts Institute for Global Leadership Announces the 2012-13 Dr. Jean Mayer Global Citizenship Award Recipients --- The Dr. Jean Mayer Global Citizenship Award was established in 1993 to honor former Tufts President and Chancellor Dr. Jean Mayer, challenging and inspiring Tufts students and the community by bringing to the University distinguished scholars and practitioners whose moral courage, personal integrity, and passion for scholarship resonated his dictum that: "Scholarship, research and teaching must be dedicated to solving the most pressing problems facing the world." more>>

Stories from Myanmar: PNDP Students Explore the Re-Emerging Country --- PNDP engages students in a yearlong seminar, focused both on the history and practice of narrative journalism and developing students’ technical skills.  At the end of the seminar, the students participate in a ten-day, on-site workshop, this year in Myanmar.  Few, if any, US university groups have traveled there, and the city of Yangon and its surrounds were conducive to the students finding and exploring stories. more>>

Empower Summer: Impact + Scale--Social Enterprise Design Workshop in India --- Impact + Scale was developed by IGL alumnus Adam White, a cofounder of Groupshot and one of the finalists in the World Bank’s Innovation contest. A team of four Tufts students and one Fletcher School student was led by White on a month-long field workshop to investigate the design process of social enterprise. more>>

The Village Zero Project: Ghost-mapping Endemic Cholera in Bangladesh --- Two years ago, three Tufts undergraduates – Maimuna Majumder, Katharina de Klerk and David Meyers -- founded The Village Zero Project (V0P) to map and verify this progression, so that geographically targeted cholera control stratagems can be implemented in the most susceptible coastal communities – thus stopping endemic outbreaks before they can spread. more>>

ALLIES Joint Research Project Explores the Civil-Military Relationship in Rwanda --- On 19 April 2012, Rwanda's BGen Safari published a memorandum officially inviting ALLIES to Rwanda to perform a collaborative JRP with the Defense and Education Ministries of Rwanda.  The goal of this JRP was different from previous ALLIES trips because of the expectation for enhanced collaboration between Rwandans and the American participants and the development of a sustained relationship between Rwanda and ALLIES. more>>

BUILD India: "We Are All BUILD" --- For the past two years, the IGL’s BUILD: India program has been working with the NGO Payir and members of Thottiyapatti to improve education, health and sanitation, and socioeconomic conditions in the village. more>>

Tufts Double Jumbo Mentors Students at the CDC --- As part of the EPIIC “Conflict in the 21st Century” symposium in February 2012, EPIIC for the first time dedicated one of its breakout sessions to gathering experts and students in thinking about the following year's theme on global health and security.  One of the leaders of the session was Ezra Barzilay, an alumnus of both Tufts undergraduate and medical schools and a Commander in the US Public Health Service and the Lead Epidemiologist in the Health Systems Reconstruction Office of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. more>>

Alumni Spotlight: Kate Konschnik: Reshaping the Environmental Policy Debate --- In the fall of 1991, political science major and then sophomore Kate Konschnik (A’94) enrolled in EPIIC, that year on “International Security: The Environmental Dimension.”  Little did she know that her decision to participate in this “intellectual boot camp” would lead her to pursue a career in environmental law and policy. more>>

Alumni Spotlight: Matthew Edmundson: Addressing Iron Deficiency in India --- "Two years ago, I didn't really know anything about nutrition, and certainly not iron deficiency," admits Matt Edmundson (A’05, EPIIC’04, Exposure’05, NIMEP’05). "I was shocked to learn that the WHO considers it a public health condition of epidemic proportions, one that especially harms pregnant women and their children." more>>

Alumni Spotlight: Samuel James: Documenting Inequities in Nigeria --- Since he first read about Lagos, Nigeria in a New Yorker article by George Packer, Samuel James has been drawn to the country.  A Synaptic Scholar at the IGL, he first traveled to Lagos with three other Synaptics during the winter of his sophomore year in 2006-07.  Since then, he has returned to Nigeria for at least several months each year, first recording the urban challenges of Lagos, especially for those removed from formal government and economic structures, and then, over the last couple years, spending significant time in the Niger Delta. more>>