Prosecution or Peace? International Law in Conflict Zones

Audio Files | Posted Feb 6, 2012
Program: EPIIC (Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship)

How can international law best balance the demands of peace and justice as it addresses the most intractable international conflicts affecting our global community? Can our greater international law system function separate from the influence of politics? This year's EPIIC colloquium welcomes you to attend our first Special Event this semester: a panel discussion on the role of international law and the ICC in 21st century conflict. Our discussion will be monitored by Professor Paul Joseph, co-head of the Peace and Justice studies department, and will feature Professor Kenneth Rodman of Colby College, Professor Rosenblum of Columbia Law School, and Professor Rosalind Shaw of Tufts University. We will hear multidisciplinary perspectives on conflicts such as the Democratic Republic of Congo from experts in anthropology, political science, law, and sociology. Come learn more about the tensions between peacemaking and prosecuting alleged war criminals as a precursor to the EPIIC symposium from February 22nd-26th. We welcome all Tufts students to participate in this dynamic discussion, and we hope to see you there!