Discourse Volume 1 | Spring 2008

Publications | Posted Jun 6, 2008
Program: Discourse

Discourse provides an inclusive platform for reasoned discussion and prescriptive analysis of issues of both international and domestic concern, while also including poetry, fiction, art and photography to illuminate the human condition. Its emphasis is on exploring a diversity of thought and perspectives from students, scholars, and practitioners. The purpose of Discourse is to provide an open forum for discussion of contemporary dilemmas, not as a vehicle with any specific political or intellectual agenda. The perspectives represented are solely those of the authors. click on the article to download the pdf.

Welcome: President's Letter
Larry Bacow

Director's Foreword
Sherman Teichman

Raison D'etre
Padden Guy Murphy

Urbicide: Lagos and the Crisis of the Megacity
Samuel James

Water Get no Enemy: A Photo Essay from Lagos, Nigeria
Samuel James, Padden Guy Murphy

Water for Water: Social Entrepreneurship and the World Water Crisis
An interview with Jonathan Greenblatt

Why the World failed Darfur
Dr. Mukesh Kapila

The Dilemma of the Semistate
Matan Chorev

The Sovereignty Exchange: Fourteen World Leaders on the future of Sovereignty
Alexander Busse / Benjamin Harburg / Aaron Markowitz-Shulman

Nuclear Proliferation: A Race Between Coopertion and Catastrophe
An exchange between Senator Sam Nunn and Professor Graham Allison


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