Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Local Initiatives

Building a better community, one project at a time

It is the goal of Tufts EWB Local Outreach to involve the community both at Tufts and in the Medford/Somerville area in our group’s mission. Besides participating in campus events such as Community Day and Kids Day, we assist students and teachers in local schools with their science curriculum.

This year EWB outreach partnered with STOMP through the Center for Engineering Education and Outreach to develop science and technology materials to be used in the classroom. Classroom visits took place weekly and principles such as the engineering design process and water filtration were among those included in the curriculum. We seek to continue working with STOMP in the future, as well as expand our efforts to promote clean water and sustainability in conjunction with local groups; we are currently exploring a potential connection with the Mystic River Watershed Association.

If you would like to get involved with EWB and the community please contact our Local Outreach Chair, Laney Siegner