Engineers Without Borders (EWB)



Board Members:

Ian Maclellan President

David Meyers Vice President

Luke Fraser, Maren Frisell Secretary

Rob Kaufman Treasurer

Scott McArthur, Drew Fuchs Uganda Project Leader

Jenna Lohmann, Amanda Garces El Salvador Project Leader

Laney Siegner, Erin Fleurant Local Outreach Chair

Alex Testa Sophomore Representative

TBD Freshman Representative

Faculty Advisers

Chris Swan Associate Professor, Chair CEE

Douglas Matson Associate Professor ME

Sherman Teichman Director, Institute for Global Leadership

Lee Minardi Senior Lecturer CEE

Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship & Public Service

John Durant Associate Professor CEE

Community Health Advisors:

Raymond Hyatt Professor Nutrition School and Faculty, Community Health

Astier Almedom Henry Luce Professor & IGL Fellow

Edith Balbach Senior Lecturer, Community Health Department

David Gute Associate Professor, Tufts Engineering

Engineers Without Borders 2016-17

Joey Cirone, Class of 2017


Joey Cirone

Joey is a senior studying electrical Engineering and has been involved in EWB since freshman year. He is very excited to see the two new projects in Malawi and Nicaragua take off after and keep in touch with EWB even after he graduates.

Elizabeth Bender, Class of 2018

Vice President

Elizabeth Bender

Elizabeth is a junior studying Biomedical Engineering and has been a member of EWB since her freshman year. She is excited to see what the future holds for Tufts EWB's two new projects in Malawi and Nicaragua.

Rory Buckman, Class of 2019

Alumni Outreach Coordinator

Rory is a sophommore studying civil engineering. He has been a part of EWB since 2015, and is also a part of Tufts Eco-Reps and on the Varsity Cross-Country and Track teams. He is excited to see the group and projects grow over the next couple years.

Tom DePalma, Class of 2018

Project Lead East Africa Program

Tom DePalma

Tom is a junior studying Biomedical Engineering and has been in EWB since freshman year. He enjoys long runs in the woods, candy canes, and buildings that are shaped like baskets.

Kate Elliot, Class of 2020

Freshman Representative East Africa

Kate Elliot

Kate is a freshman studying Electrical Engineering. She has just joined EWB this year and is very excited to watch the projects grow as she gets more involved.

Michelle Gee, Class of 2020

Freshman Representative Latin America

Michelle Gee

Michelle is a freshman chemical engineer and has been part of EWB since 2016. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, kayaking, and reading. She is excited to see the projects develop and work with other members of the board.

Javier Licardie, Class of 2019

Co-Fundraising Chair

Javier Licardie

Javier is a sophomore studying Biochemistry and has been a member of EWB since his freshman year. He spends his free time reading, listening to podcasts, or playing quidditch.

Wei Han Lim, Class of 2019

Nicaragua Fundraising Representative

Wei Han Lim

Wei Han is a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering with a minor in Spanish and has been a part of EWB since his first year. He believes that access to clean water is one of the most important global issues and is glad to be a part of the solution in a small but meaningful way. In his free time, he enjoys reading, writing, singing, and seeing performances in Boston.

Grace Polakoski

Co-PMEL For East Africa

Grace Polakoski

Grace is a junior studying Enviornmental Engineering and has been a member of EWB since her sophomore year. She is excited to be involved in the very beginnings of an EWB project and can't wait to see what EWB accomplishes!

Luis Rebollar, Class of 2017

Former Travel Team Member

Luis Rebollar

Luis is a senior majorin in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Mathematics. He has been involved since his sophomore year, and had the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua with EWB for an assessment trip. He is passionate about using what he has learned to increase water accessibility in developing communities, and is excited to see how Tufts EWB will complete both Nicaragua and East Africa projects as time progresses.

Jennifer Sohn, Class of 2019


Jennifer Sohn

Jen is a sophomore majoring in Biochemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences. She is also pusruing a pre-medical concentration and enjoys studying Spanish. She has been part of Tufts EWB's Nicaragua group since her first year and is passionate about EWB's water access projects! While not working on EWB, Jen can be found kicking it with Tufts Taekwondo team or singing in Chamber Singers.