About this Program

Exposure is the Institute for Global Leadership’s photojournalism, documentary studies and human rights program. Dedicated to mentoring and developing young, knowledgeable photojournalists and documentary filmmakers, it is allied with the preeminent photographers of the VII Photo Agency, Contact Press, and other distinguished journalists. Exposure has run documentary photojournalism workshops in Kosovo, Argentina and Philadelphia; published books and supported folios with the renowned de.MO publishers; mounted exhibitions; and probed the ethical and educational challenges of the media’s role in bringing important social and international issues to the public’s attention.

Exposure is helping realize the tremendous potential that the Institute for Global Leadership at Tufts University is ideally suited to nurture. For decades, the Institute has been committed to understanding conflict, its causes and consequences. It looks at war, famine, ethnic cleansing, and complex humanitarian emergencies with unflinching clarity. -- James Nachtwey, VII Photo Agency

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