List of Collaborators

VII Photo Agency
The collaboration between VII Photo Agency and EXPOSURE, born from students' thirst for expert guidance about how to effectively respond to conflict and the photographers' desire for greater public awareness and continued education, formally began in February 2004 with the national launch of RETHINK. Since that time, the collaboration has produced significant programming including the first annual VII seminar, a series of exhibitions, global workshops and a burgeoning student internship program. See below for additional information.


The Aftermath Project
The Aftermath Project is founded on the conviction that war is only half the story – that the end of war does not mean peace, or security; it is simply the end of death and destruction. Every war, every conflict, includes a chapter that almost always goes untold – the story of the aftermath, which day by day becomes the prologue of the future. This is a conviction and imperative shared by the Institute.

Canon USA
EXPOSURE and the Institute for Global Leadership are profoundly grateful to Canon and to Mr. David Metz - Director of Product Support and Market Education, Consumer Imaging Group, Camera Division, Canon USA - for their generous support of the first annual VII Seminar.

David Metz announces American Photo Magazine ranked VII Photo Agency number three in their annual Top 100 Most Important People in Photography

VII photographer Christopher Morris in front of the Canon display table at the VII Seminar

A note from Canon: Canon, the world leader in imaging technologies is proud to sponsor VII agency and this conference at Tufts University. Canon has demonstrated a long term commitment to photojournalism thru its annual sponsorship of the World Press Photo Awards, the Perpignon Festival, and the Best of Photojournalism competition sponsored by the National Press Photographers Association. Canon is a producer of top quality 35mm film and digital cameras, lenses, video cameras, broadcast television lenses, ink jet printers and a wide of array of commercial, industrial, and medical equipment.


Tufts Anthropology Collective

Tufts Anthropology Collective Welcome Letter

Dear Mr. Teichman, We are writing to you on behalf of Tufts Anthropology Collective. The discussed collaboration with the Institute of Global Leadership's group, EXPOSURE, would be invaluable to our Collective. Like EXPOSURE, the Anthropology Collective seeks to make the issues and concerns of the world more visible through lectures, exhibits, and student presentations. The Collective acts as a forum for the presentation of anthropological research and fieldwork experiences of undergraduates, faculty and alumni. Together, our groups can merge the knowledge of the fields of Visual and Public Anthropology with the analytical and photographic works of EXPOSURE. Public Anthropology seeks to make the theoretical insights of the discipline more available to the public and to apply that knowledge to a useful cause. Common seminars and photographic exhibits are several of the many ways we could apply visual anthropology and public anthropology. We value Institute for Global Leadership for its interdisciplinary efforts that integrate many fields. The added perspective of anthropology would bring a new dimension to the global mission of EXPOSURE. Working together, co-sponsored events would fulfill our joint mission of social awareness. Having already benefited participating in meetings, exhibits, the VII seminar, and now preparing for the VII Bali workshop, I, Molly, have seen the advantages of combining the efforts of our groups. Learning the sensitive eye of the anthropologist helps to think about how to capture an idea visually. I am hopeful the trip to Bali will provide prodigious information for a directed project next year. The Anthropology Collective looks forward to future collaboration with EXPOSURE in the upcoming years. Not only will students of both organizations benefit from one another, but so will the University, as our intellectual events would be open to the campus at large. Sincerely, Molly M. Whittington Avantika S. Taneja

Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution at The Fletcher School at Tufts University