Program for Narrative and Documentary Practice

Lecture Series

l to r: David Rohde, Marcus Bleasdale, Vaughan Smith

Each year, the Program will organize a series of public lectures, discussions, and screenings for the campus and the general public. A portion of the lectures will be dedicated to teaching students how to be intelligent consumers of news media by providing an overview of the history of photography and journalism, its uses and misuses. Lectures will be given by Visiting Fellows and a broad range of professionals who rely on the narrative in their work, including documentarians from the
fields of visual, written, and oral narrative, scientists, humanitarian workers, government and military officials, and artists. Lectures for the 2011 spring semester include award-winning documentary photographers Marcus Bleasdale (The Rape of a Nation), Jessica Dimmock (The Ninth Floor), and John Stanmeyer (Island of Spirits), as well as writer Peter Maass (Crude World; Love Thy Neighbor), two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter David Rohde, and award winning film maker and media entrepreneur Vaughan Smith.