Research and Engagement Supporting Poverty Elimination in Haiti (RESPE)

RESPE: Balan's Projects

Past and Current Projects:

  • Teacher trainings: As a group they have organized trainings for local teachers by bringing teachers from Cap Haitian to hold workshops.
  • Legal status: RESPE: Balan has also been working to receive legal status from the Haitian government, which would allow them to expand their efforts in the community and make them eligible for grants, including USAID grants.

Possible Future Projects:

  • Reforestation: RESPE: Balan has been looking into conducting a future reforestation project. The soil quality of Balan has diminished and they have expressed an interest in promoting more sustainable agricultural practices throughout the community.
  • Vocational school: Another prospective project for RESPE: Balan is the development of a vocational school where young people can attain employable skills.
  • Mentorship:¬†RESPE: Balan is looking for some of the same mentorship RESPE: Boston is. They would like to be involved in the grant making process so that they can learn, get the advice they need, and make connections both within and outside of Haiti.