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Tufts Energy Conference 2010

The Tufts Energy Forum is pleased to announce the 2010 Tufts Energy Conference. For more information, please visit the official website of the Tufts Energy Conference at www.tuftsenergyconference.com.


Announcement of Name Change: We are excited to announce that the Tufts Energy Security Initiative has changed its name to the Tufts Energy Forum. Although ESI was originally founded in a security-centered context, the Institute for Global Leadership's 2005 EPIIC Oil and Water Colloquium, the group has since evolved and expanded to address a wide range of energy topics. After careful consideration, our members chose the name ‘The Tufts Energy Forum’ for its brevity and ability to reflect the breadth of the energy technologies and issues we discuss as well as the diversity of academic endeavors in which we are engaged.

The Tufts Energy Forum (TEF), formerly the Energy Security Initiative, was born out of the Institute for Global Leadership's EPIIC Oil and Water Colloquium in 2005. The group serves as a forum for discussion of all issues related to energy, and allows students to conduct original, international research on various energy topics. Through research, discussion and events, the group address issues such as peak oil, climate change, the global food crisis, emerging energy technologies, government policies, international treaties, resource conflict, as well as many other topics.

The group has grown significantly in the past year, more than doubling its active membership, sending students to the places like Belgium, China and the United Arab Emirates and significantly increasing its activity on campus. The group is open to any student or faculty of the Tufts community, with weekly discussions of current events related to energy as the group's core activity. The group also holds occasional on-campus events to bring these themes to the greater Tufts community and plans field trips to local power plants or research laboratories. TEF’s main event is the annual Tufts Energy Conference, which has grown significantly in scope in the last few years. We welcome members from all academic disciplines. The only prerequisite is a desire to learn more about energy issues. For more information, email us at tuftsenergyforum@gmail.com.


The Tufts Energy Forum’s mission is to spread and enhance the discussion surrounding all aspects of the transforming, global energy industry. TEF recognizes that the global energy infrastructure is fundamental to maintaining our civilization. In a world that is on the verge of a radical shift in the way we produce and consume energy, the importance of such discussions cannot be overemphasized. TEF prepares students to be leaders in this dynamic and world transforming field.


TEF has three overarching goals:

  1. To provide an outlet for students to discuss and conduct original, international research on issues related to energy, and share their findings with the Tufts community,
  2. To help students pursue careers in energy, by networking with industry professionals and alerting them to job opportunities in the energy field, and
  3. To hold interactive, educational events for the Tufts and greater Boston communities that serve to show the general public how energy affects our daily lives and our society as a whole.