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ALLIES Joint Research Project 2009

The JRP gives a select group of students from Tufts and the three military service academies (USMA, USNA, and USAFA) the opportunity to live and work together in a foreign country, conducting significant research on an issue of international importance.  The project begins in the spring semester, as students from both backgrounds investigate a topic of shared interest, design their research topic/question(s), and plan logistics. It continues in the summer, when students travel to the region of study, collect primary source data, and synthesize their findings into an array of tangible outputs.  It concludes in the fall semester with a presentation of their research at the annual ALLIES Intellectual Roundtable.

This year’s JRP took place in Santiago and additional locations around Chile.  The JRP benefited from the close mentorship of Judge Juan Guzman, the lead lawyer in the case against former military dictator, Augusto Pinochet.  Additional features new to this year’s trip included the participation of a group of 10 Chilean students, both civilian and military, and the inclusion of a more structured academic program in addition to the research itself.  But as always, the JRP remained a student-led initiative, increasing the potential for leadership development and civil-military cooperation.

In Chile, we examined a variety of issues particularly relevant not only to civil-military relations in Chile, but also applicable to current events around the world.  The main questions that we sought to answer included:


What role should the military play in a democracy?  How does that question change depending on whom you ask (civil society, elected government, and the military itself)?


What steps should be taken to ease the transition to democracy?  What lessons can be drawn from the successes, failures, and obstacles faced in Chile?

By interviewing a diverse group of Chileans that included politicians, public servants, activists, victims of the dictatorship, the military, and members of civil society, we  gained a better understanding of civil-military relationships not only in Chile, but that could also be applied in states around the world.

Photo 1: (l-r) John Galvin (Tufts '09), Eileen Guo (Tufts '12), and Midshipman Ryan Yohe (USNA '11) with General Roberto Arancibia, former Second-in-Command of the Chilean Army, in his Santiago home.

Photo 2: (l-r) Francisco Herrera Arenas (Carabineros 2009), Cadet Matthew Bolian (USMA '11), and Taylor Bates (Tufts '12) deep in conversation in Santiago, Chile. 

2009 JRP Student Participant Biographies




Taylor Bates is a sophomore studying International Relations at Tufts University.  His interests lie primarily in security studies, particularly the reconciliation of military and civilian regimes. His interest in government, security, and civil-military affairs comes from a semester serving as a US Senate Page in 2007 and involvement in political campaigns.  On campus, Taylor is involved with Tufts Mock Trial, the Tufts Democrats, and the Synaptic Scholars Class of 2012. In his free time, Taylor enjoys staying fit and keeping up with the news. (Updated Dec. 2009)


MATTHEW BOLIAN, U.S. Military Academy ´11


Matthew Bolian, raised in Mississippi, is a junior studying Comparative Politics and Foreign Area Studies in Latin America at the United States Military Academy.  This summer Matt will serve as a delegate with International Partners to El Salvador, where he will perform volunteer work and conduct research on the El Salvadoran Civil War while living with a local family.  As a participant in ALLIES, Matt is interested in studying civil-military relations and how it affects the stability of democracy, specifically in Latin America. His other academic interests include international relations, Latin American politics, and the effects of education.  In his spare time, he loves to travel, read, and study languages. (Dec. 2009)




Christie Diaz is a junior at Tufts University, where she is majoring in International Relations with a concentration on Ideology and Culture in International Affairs. She is a Latino Peer Leader, mentoring Latino underclassmen and helping them immerse themselves at Tufts. Christie is also an Editor for Hemispheres, Tufts’ Undergraduate Journal of International Relations, and a reader for Outbreath, Tufts’ Literary Magazine. Christie grew up in Bogota, Colombia, where she developed an interest in Latin American politics and society.  She is excited to pursue this interest with the ALLIES Joint Research Project in Chile this summer, by researching civil-military relations in the post-Pinochet era.(Dec. 2009)

MAJOR JASON DIGIACOMO, United States Air Force , Trip Escort

Maj. Jason T. DiGiacomo is an IDE student at the Navy Post Graduate School in Monterey, California studying Defense Decision Making and Planning. He is focusing on becoming a Political Affairs Specialists upon graduation in December 2009 where he will receive his fourth Masters degree. He has led international delegations with the embassy in Argentina and most recently (Jan 2009) participated in a three week visit to Chile to work with world-renowned Judge Juan Guzman.  Prior to starting his studies at NPS, Maj DiGiacomo was an Experimental Test Pilot for both the B-2 and B-1 bombers at Edwards AFB.(July 2009)

JOHN GALVIN, Tufts ´10

John Galvin, from Medfield, Massachusetts, is a senior double majoring in International Relations and Political Science. He developed his interest in civil-military relations through an internship at Senator Edward Kennedy's office, where he worked in the Department for Veteran's Affairs. In the summer of 2008 John interned at Linkage Incorporated, which is a global organizational development company specializing in leadership development and training. This past fall, he was fortunate enough to spend the semester in Rome studying European politics. A center for the Tufts club hockey team, John loves to both play and watch sports in his spare time. (Dec. 2009)

DAVID GALLUCH, U.S. Naval Academy ´12

David Galluch, a sophomore at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, was born in Buffalo, New York.  He is an Economics major and plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in Economic Philosophy.  He is a member of the Naval Academy chapter of ALLIES, as well as Model United Nations and the Special Operations Workout Team.  He hopes to become an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (E.O.D.) upon graduation, and is interested in pursuing a scholarship for study in the U.K.  In his spare time, he enjoys reading, working out, and watching sports. (Dec. 2009)

TYLER GORDY, U.S. Military Academy ´10

Tyler Gordy, West Point's current First Captain, is originally from Newcastle, California, where he graduated from Lincoln High School in 2002.  Shortly after graduation, Tyler enlisted in the army and in March of 2003, was deployed to Iraq with the 101st Airborne Division.  He served in Iraq for a year as a scout sniper. Upon his return, he attended the United States Military Academy Preparatory School for a year before entering West Point in 2006.  Tyler is currently in his fourth year at West Point, and is majoring in American Politics.  (Dec. 2009.)

EILEEN GUO, Tufts ´12, JRP 2009 Trip Leader  

Eileen Guo is a sophomore double majoring in Anthropology and Internatinonal Relations. Before starting at Tufts, Eileen took a gap year that brought her back to her native Sichuan, China, where her interest in civil-military relations began; after surviving the May 12th earthquake, she became involved with relief efforts, experiencing firsthand the importance of cooperation between the military and civil society.  Outside of the IGL, Eileen is very active in campus life; she works as a Student Ambassador for the Office of University Advancement, is a tour guide and blogger for the admissions office, and student leader of several Tufts student groups, including and Tufts Capoeira.  Eileen hopes to pursue a career in public service. (Dec. 2009)

RYAN YOHE, U.S. Naval Academy ´11

Ryan Yohe is a junior studying for a major in Political Science and a minor in Russian language. As a student at the United States Naval Academy, she is actively involved in the ALLIES program, Socratic Society, as well as a member of the Varsity Women’s Lacrosse team.  Her background in research comes from experience as a participant in Policy Debate in high school, as well as a research aid for the Naval Academy debate team.  Ryan is from Fairfax, Virginia, the daughter of Catherine Yohe and James Yohe, CAPT in the United States Navy. (Dec. 2009)


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