Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and the Services (ALLIES)


  “The implications of a program like this...are that when a military response is needed...the military leaders and the policy makers both have a common framework from which to draw...The opportunity for our very talented cadets to interact with students from Tufts was too good to pass up.” -- Major Scott Taylor, US Army

  “The ALLIES students at Tufts realize that soldiers their age are serving in Afghanistan and Iraq and want to learn more about their military counterparts. ALLIES is a strategic opportunity to engage students in their formative stages of inquiry.” -- Gregg Nakano, IGL Fellow

“[ALLIES] can only foster a better understanding and increase the overall expertise of the students, exactly what they will need to be global leaders in the future.” -- Major Eric Bjorklund, US Army

“Regardless of one's personal feelings...we should all appreciate the effort that Tufts students have shown to understand and bridge the gap between the civilian and military sectors in this country.”   -- Tufts Daily

“When civilian students are making choices about when to use military force, I want them to have a connection to the military.” -- Commander Art Gibb, US Navy