Empower Program for Social Entrepreneurship

Fellow Commitments


Accountability is a critical element for Empower.  All grant recipients are required to report back frequently on the use of the funds that they receive. They are also expected to become active and engaged members of both Empower and The Institute for Global Leadership. 

All Fellows must:


Before the initial date:

  • Check in with the IGL to confirm the dates of the fellowship, your travel agenda, your contact information as well as the contact information of your supervisor or project advisor. 
  • Attend the orientation and debrief meetings. Meeting dates will be scheduled in May for departing grantees and September for returning grantees. 
  • Submit a “profile form” and photo, which will be posted on the Empower website. 


During the Fellowship:

  • Submit four blog entries for the Summer Fellowship or two blog entries for the Winter Fellowship. Blog posts are meant to be informal; photos are encouraged. 


Within a month after the conclusion of your Fellowship:

  • Submit a final report from your field assignment. You will be asked a series of questions, to which you may respond in short answer or essay form. Reports are typically 2-4 pages.
  • Submit a short document (1 page maximum) on how you will contribute to the Empower Program both before and after graduation.


Within two months after the conclusion of your Fellowship:

  • Share your experience with Tufts students through Empower. You may participate in an internship panel, a workshop or photo exhibition. You are encourage to propose ways in which you can contribute to sharing your experience (eg. By bringing in a speaker, etc.)


Social Entrepreneurship Grant Fellows: You are required to acknowledge your affiliation with Empower and The Institute for Global Leadership on your website, in newsletters, presentations, or other publicity.


Requirements are subject to change. If you have any questions, please email us.