Program for Narrative and Documentary Practice

Advisory Board

Members of the Advisory Board will engage with the Program in a variety of ways: as Visiting Fellows, as overseers of the Program’s content and direction, and helping to provide professional advice to the students.

Shahidul Alam
Founder of DRIK. Location: Bangladesh

Jon Lee Anderson
Staff Writer, The New Yorker. Location: England

Philip Blenkinsop
Photographer. Location: Thailand

David Campbell
Professor, Durham University; Writer and Multimedia Producer. Location: England

Emma Daly
Communications Director, Human Rights Watch. Location: USA

Tim Hetherington. b1970 d 2011
Filmmaker; Photographer; Author. Location: USA/Afghanistan

Michael Kamber
Photographer, Reporter, New York Times. Location: USA/Iraq

Terri Lichstein
Senior Executive Producer, 20/20, ABC News. Location: USA

Peter Maass
Author: Foreign Correspondent. Location: USA

Rod Nordland
Foreign Correspondent, New York Times. Location: Afghanistan

David Rohde
Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Foreign Correspondent and Investigative Reporter, New York Times. Location: USA

Hopewell Rhugono Chinono
Filmmaker. Location: Zimbabwe

Daniel Schwarz
Historian; Photographer; Art Director. Location: Switzerland

Charles Sennott
Foreign Correspondent; Co-founder, Executive Editor and Vice President, GlobalPost. Location: USA

Brian Storm
Founder and CEO, Mediastorm. Location: USA

Alumni Members

Matthew Edmundson
Tufts Alumnus; Former Operations Officer, Mapendo International; MBA Candidate, New York University Stern School of Business

Elizabeth Herman
Tufts Alumna; Fulbright Scholar, Bangladesh

Padden Guy Murphy
Tufts Alumnus; Graduate Student in Modern Chinese Studies, Oxford University

Jacob Silberberg
Tufts Alumnus; Former Photojournalist, Iraq and West Africa; Graduate Student, Boston College School of Law

Nichole Sobecki
Tufts Alumna; Former Turkey Correspondent, GlobalPost; Photojournalist, based in Nairobi

Founder and Executive Director, Institute for Global Leadership, Tufts University

Sherman Teichman