Mission Statement

The mission of the Institute for Global Leadership at Tufts University is to prepare new generations of critical thinkers for effective and ethical leadership, ready to act as global citizens in addressing the world’s most pressing problems. In 2005, IGL was designated as a university cross-school program with the objective of enhancing the interdisciplinary quality and engaged nature of a Tufts education and serving as an incubator of innovative ways to help students understand and engage difficult and compelling global issues. Due to its unique approaches and ability to create unique partnerships and juxtapositions, IGL is at the forefront of efforts that encourage “thinking beyond boundaries and acting across borders.”

To meet these challenges, the Institute emphasizes rigorous academic preparation and experiential learning. Students learn through intensive engagement in classes, global research, internships, workshops, simulations and international symposia - all involving national and international students and leaders from the public and private sectors. These activities stress critical and normative thinking, written and oral communication skills, problem solving, and an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Students produce tangible outcomes to their studies through their research projects, the international forums and other significant initiatives. The experience helps stimulate intellectual curiosity and build individual self-confidence and independence, while at the same time developing analytical and practical leadership and decision-making skills.