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Sherman Teichman | Director | 

Sherman TecihmanSherman Teichman is the founding Executive Director of the Institute for Global Leadership at Tufts University, Institute programs include: Education for Public Inquiry and International Citizenship (EPIIC), a rigorous interdisciplinary program for analysis of global issues and active citizenship, now celebrating its 25th Anniversary; the interdisciplinary Synaptics Scholars research and leadership program; ALLIES - Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and the Services, a national civil - military program with the military academies of the United States, and Empower, an international poverty alleviation and social entrepreneurship program linked to the Clinton Global Initiative, and [EXPOSURE], a photojournalism, documentary studies and human rights initiative.

A lecturer in the arts and social sciences at Tufts since 1984, Mr. Teichman was a former fellow and lecturer at the Institute of Politics, the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and a faculty member at Boston University and Emerson College. As a journalist, he was a Peabody Award-winning foreign policy analyst for National Public Radio, WBUR, in Boston and a social science editor of the Boston Review. An adviser on counter terrorism and long-range strategic planning for the Israeli government, Mr. Teichman was also active with Amnesty International in the former Soviet Union and Central America. He was educated at the United States Naval Academy, The Johns Hopkins University, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the University of Chicago's Committees on International Relations and Social Thought. An Olympic saber fencer, Mr. Teichman now helps coach the Tufts University saber team. 


Heather Barry | Associate Director |