NEXUS | The IGL Newsletter | Spring 2008

IGL News | Posted Jul 2, 2008

Reconciling Iraq Following up on "Iraq Moving Forward" from January 2007, The Institute for Global Leadership, IGL External Advisory Board Chair Robert Bendetson, and University of Massachusetts/Boston Professor Padraig O'Malley gathered leading senior Iraqis in Helsinki for three days of discussions on principles of future engagement.

Galvanizing Students To Address Poverty
This year, Tufts University alumni, and IGL Board Members, Angelos Metaxa (A'91) and Javier Macaya (A'91), joined forces to catalyze and found EMPOWER at Tufts University's Institute for Global Leadership to establish a learning and practical experience platform to engage Tufts students in social entrepreneurship aimed at poverty alleviation.

IGL Attends the 2007 Clinton Global Initiative
This year, through IGL External Advisory Board Member Tim Phillips, the IGL was nominated to attend the 2007 Clinton Global Initiative, hosted by President Bill Clinton and his foundation. IGL Director Sherman Teichman attended the three-day meeting in the fall, participating in the discussions on poverty alleviation and raising awareness about the IGL.

Building Civil-Military Relations for the Future
The IGL's ALLIES program experienced a very successful surge this year with the infusion of INSPIRE Fellow Gregg Nakano. ALLIES (Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and the Services), the Institute's civil-military initiative, derived from the IGL's long-standing interactions with the US Military and Naval Academies.

IGL Students Explore MCC Goals in Guatemala As a special project of the EPIIC 2007-08 theme on "Global Poverty and Inequality", a team of seven undergraduate and graduate students worked with INSPIRE Fellow Amb. José María "Chema" Argueta to understand how the mission and innovative methodology of the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) as well as the "MCC Effect" applied to Guatemala.

A Student's Reflection on Kashmir

Making Connections: The IGL's New Synaptic Scholars Program


Hip Hop For Social Change

Matt Bai A '90 Analyzes the Progressive Battle for the Democratic Party in his New Book

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