Houston | Summer 2010

Information about Houston | Summer 2010

EXPOSURE/Aftermath Workshop: Houston, Texas

In August 2010, eight [EXPOSURE] members participated in a documentary photography workshop in Houston’s Third Ward. Under the mentorship of Sara Terry, founder of the Aftermath Project, and Jeff Jacobsen, Aftermath Project grant winner. The workshop sought to explore one of America’s most defining aftermaths – that of slavery, the Civil War, and the Civil Rights movement – and the effect these events continue to have on our country today.

The workshop did not seek easy answers to the question of race relations today. The intent, beyond experience with the practice of documentary photography, was to spark conversation about a subject that rarely engages blacks and whites in dialogue. [EXPOSURE] students worked in collaboration with high school photography students at Yates High School in Houston’s Third Ward to pursue stories that became deeply personal and meaningful for all involved.

Elizabeth Herman explored the notion of “home.” Senait Debusu photographed Houston’s Baptist churches. Chelsea Grayson explored contemporary black identity in the aftermath of the civil rights movement. Erin Baldassari documented single motherhood. Erika O’Conor explored the idea of living into the future while looking into the past. Linda Khalil photographed the effects of gentrification in the neighborhood. Hillary Fens explored the local arts movement in Houston. And Nicholas Dynan presents a view of family life in the Third Ward.

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The Aftermath Project is a non-profit organization that seeks to document the other half of the story of conflict – what happens when the cameras leave, individuals struggle to recover and communities attempt to rebuild. [EXPOSURE] has partnered with them since 2008.