Empower Program for Social Entrepreneurship

Community Organizations International - Tenley Ghan

Tenley Ghan


Major / fields of study: International Relations

Tufts program & expected graduate year: College of Arts & Sciences 2010

I will be helping to organize waste pickers in Dharavi, a slum outside of Mumbai, with ACORN International.  I will be living in Mumbai during from June through July this summer. The effort will aim to help them gain recognition as formal workers by the Indian Government so that they can receive benefits and improve labor conditions.

My name is Tenley and I am originally from Bellevue, WA.  I became involved with the IGL in 2007 as a member of the 2007-08 EPIIC colloquium, “Global Poverty and Inequality,” and I am looking forward to continuing my involvement with the IGL through the EMPOWER Program. I have always pointed my academic and career goals around a socially conscious direction and I feel very strongly about environmental, global health, and economic development issues.  Working with the waste pickers in Mumbai this summer with ACORN International will be an amazing opportunity to learn about an important intersection between environmental issues and poverty.  Outside of the classroom, I love to play soccer, go see movies, and draw. I spent a semester living and studying in Santiago, Chile last fall and I love to travel.